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    Jorin Eichhorn


My current activities

I am freelancing in socially responsible and sustainable tourism at Fair Travel Tanzania, a non-profit tour operator with a unique approach to use tourism for having a positive impact on the local economy and to fight economical exploitation. Next to this I am working on my heart project Economadia, an initiative to come up with concepts of how to combine location-independency with ideas and principles of eco-villages.

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My life in a nutshell

Traveling is and will always be a part of my life. I enjoy meeting the locals and experiencing real life by just getting lost in a place without having any tourist guide book. Some people say I am a fool. Others say I am great and they love my stories. It’s up to you, just find out by reading them (most of them are in German).

My fields of interest are filming, languages, socially responsible tourism, sustainable lifestyles, photography, capoeira, social entrepreneurship, psychology and playing guitar.
I am also the founder and creator of the TravelMakers Project and Lingglo International.

I used to live in Germany, Spain, Honduras, France, Australia, Turkey Tanzania and Portugal.


This is me